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ChatAvenue Webcams

Five couples that are white captured by African terrorists during a holiday here.

African Nightmare - by C.D.E. - Five white partners are captured by African terrorists during a holiday here. The spouses are manufactured to the soldier's concubines, however the husbands find a straight even even even worse fate waiting for them. (M+/F+, intr, rp, m-bi)

After School Special - by Marlissa - a whole tale about change, cross-dressing and bondage. An instructor notices a fairly pupil and finds out that "she" has a really strange house life. (males, trans, cd) following the Fiesta - by KILT - some guy gets invited to a celebration simply to get into "sex" with their firends. (mm-teens, oral, real).After the Storm - by Eager46 - following a storm that is severe some tents at a Scout Camp from the second to yesterday evening of a 2 week holiday, the young Scouts need certainly to share beds and two 14 yr old guys find these are generally drawn to one another. (mm, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal, intr).