Just exactly What places You at an increased risk for HIV?Alcohol and Recreational Drugs
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Just exactly What places You at an increased risk for HIV?Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Just exactly What places You at an increased risk for HIV?Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Just exactly What places You at an increased risk for HIV?Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Articles On Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) – exactly just What places You at an increased risk for HIV?

  • What’s HIV?
  • How Will You Catch HIV?
  • Kinds
  • Risks
  • Phases
  • Signs or symptoms
  • Handling Signs
  • Testing
  • Avoidance
  • Safe Intercourse
  • Can there be an HIV Vaccine?
  • Vaccines to have in the event that you Have HIV
  • Finding a health care provider

HIV gets passed from individual to individual in bloodstream, semen, pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), liquids from the vagina and anus, and breast milk. Which means you’re in danger whenever human body liquids from somebody who’s contaminated might get into and mix with yours.

Some things you are doing now can enhance your odds of getting HIV, but you can not change things you’re created with or occurred in yesteryear.

Non-safe Sex

Probably the most common ways you can get HIV is through having vaginal or sex that is anal somebody who has HIV. You might shemale suck own dick pass HIV during dental intercourse, too, but that is less frequent. It is also dangerous once you do not know whether or perhaps not your lover is HIV-positive, simply because they could possibly be. The greater partners that are sexual have actually, the greater your likelihood of getting HIV get up.

Making use of condoms, obstacles, and dental dams will assist a great deal to help keep you safe, nonetheless they’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not perfect.

Your selection of partner additionally matters. Making love with anyone who has a greater potential for getting (and for that reason having) HIV — an intercourse worker or an IV drug individual, for instance — raises the possibility also.

Shared Needles

One other big danger is reusing needles, syringes, or any other gear an HIV-positive individual utilized to inject medications, if they had been recommended by a health care provider or unlawful. You mustn’t also reuse your personal.

You might like to get HIV from the needle utilized for piercing or tattooing if it absolutely wasn’t sterilized after piercing or someone that is tattooing HIV.

An stick that is accidental a contaminated needle or medical unit might lead to HIV, but that is extremely unusual.

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Because these can weaken your judgment, you may be much more very likely to do other high-risk things, such as for example having sex that is unprotected.

A Std

An STD such as for example herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, or gonorrhea might cause alterations in the muscle associated with the vagina or penis making it easier for HIV to pass through to you personally while you are making love.

From Mother to Child

A mom infected with HIV will give her infant the herpes virus before or during birth, or by breastfeeding. This might be one reasons why expectant mothers should get tested for HIV.

Donated Bloodstream

It is possible if you’d a bloodstream transfusion or received bloodstream services and products before 1985. Since that time, all bloodstream in the usa and Western Europe gets tested for HIV.

Your Genes

Some individuals have actually less copies of the gene that can help to fight HIV. We might someday have test that will inform you if you are prone to get HIV and develop AIDS, but there is howevern’t one yet.


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